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Meat Cry

“There was this family which were so poor. They were so poor they only ate meat on Christmas days. When Christmas day came, the children were crying for meat “mummy mummy give us meat to eat”. The mother said ok... Continue Reading →


I cannot help but admit that I am disconcerted; I think I need a fix. All my life, I’ve never been this hopeless. Being a child is easy and growing up is the most difficult part. People tell me “you... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tale Ending Book

The book of Revelation is one book that looks like a fairy tale, but its fulfillment makes it too true to be true. We see in the book of Revelation the love of a Saviour, whose love is to all... Continue Reading →

Calculated Risk: The Crucifixion

Calculated risk, a hazard or chance of failure whose degree of probability has been reckoned or estimated before some undertaking is entered upon. Based on this definition, there is no better person to talk about who took this risk than... Continue Reading →

Six Six Six (6.6.6)

The topic some pastors are most concerned about, and which they use whenever they’re talking about the end time. But did you know that the end time is not all about the Beast; it is about the power of God... Continue Reading →

Confessing To One Another

I see a world where people will know so much about each other, not because they are relatives or friends. I see a world where people will be confessing to each other, not only their sins or shortcomings or weaknesses.... Continue Reading →

The Promised Land

There is a promised land for everyone that believes. The Israelites who left Egypt did not enter into their promised land except two because of unbelief; they all died in the wilderness. Today, Christians have a rest, which they enter... Continue Reading →

The Christian’s Liberty

Christians are the most liberal persons on earth but sometimes, they can be the worst stricken or stripped people – St. Albert XIV. This is a fact and there is no arguing about it, that the Christian man or woman... Continue Reading →

Will, Power and Knowledge

Knowledge alone is not enough to drive progress. It is not enough knowing something when you cannot perform it, what you need is the will to do. Therefore when Paul spoke, he said that it is God who works in... Continue Reading →

The earth was full of sinners and needed to be pacified of its sins. Sacrifice had to be made in order to pacify God so the sins would be 'remitted'. Since the wages of sin is death, lives were sacrificed... Continue Reading →

Over the years, I've realized that knowing more of God's word makes your life better naturally. The more you study it, the more it transforms you and makes you Christian. 

The Dead (Doctrine)

You probably might have heard of the term ‘the walking dead’- people who are dead but walk about. It could also mean people whose days are numbered i.e. who have few days to live and then die. In any way... Continue Reading →

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