Spirit Science

In one of my encounters with the voices (the Spirit), they showed me the future of how to avoid certain functions basic to life. Sometimes when I read the bible, I ask myself “didn’t they poopoo or weewee or bathe or cook or have sex?” because these things are so basic to life, they are the determinants of it.

Brief Intro

However, what the Spirit showed me, which could be true, is that these men were extraordinary. They were men from God; people like Samson, Samuel, Saul, and David.

Lemme chip in here fast that sicknesses were not something common in their day, as they are little mentioned of, like, sickness killing someone (2 Kings 4:19-20). One could argue and say that they didn’t know it is this or that sickness that killed them, thus, the people in Bible times were ignorant in science or devoid of knowledge? (cp. Daniel 1:4)

However, we know this is a lie from the Devil because the truth reveals that Moses lived for 120 years and retained the strength that he had whilst he was eighty (80). That means, Moses ceased to age after the age of eighty when he was called to lead the people of Israel into the Promised Land. This assertion should be enough to prove to you what I’m going to talk about here.

In one statement, I said that “we eat shit in order to pass out shit”. All the foods that we eat are or contain microorganisms that helps us live. We eat them and then pass them out, retaining only those we (our body) need (rf. Matthew 15:17). To say, we human beings are a complex structure of microorganism. We are and look the way we are because of the many organisms that came together to form us.

Like it is in the Bible, man was created from dust, and dust as we know it contain many nutrients, chemicals and others that I may not know of. Without these (the bacteria amongst others), life can be difficult because we’ve depended on them for so long a time. The basic form of life I deem to be bacteria, – though science regards them to be virus, – is what helps us live. When they die, we also die and the process of decomposition begins again. (rf. Genesis 3:19) Spiritually speaking, the only thing that does not die is the spirit of God residing inside us (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

In looking for life (elsewhere probably), we must look for signs of bacteria, or virus as scientists say. It is what holds the key to the resurrection of the dead. Gracefully or graciously, God left us the remains of the bones as a sign of hope, a way in which we can bring ourselves back to life, even if it is crushed to powder or burnt into ashes. I am speaking from the future, assuming Isaiah 11:1-9 is literal and refers to the New Millennium (i.e. Reign of Christ for a thousand years), which I believe is soon coming. If we are not able to have this technology, perhaps we would have to wait for the Spirit of life (Jesus Christ) to come and raise us all, those dead and alive to Him (John 12:32).

So these are some of the advancement we can have in science, by creating bacteria and studying them, how they form, reproduce, adapt to environment and a whole lot of other factors.

To give glory to God, I was dead clinically but now I am coming back alive, and there are many things in my body that needs to be gotten rid of. It is the Spirit bringing me back to life as He promised or as I agreed with the voices on the platform. I was dead but I was walking around like I was alive, and all these happened because my mind wasn’t even on it. I didn’t know I was or had been dead because it had been taken out of my knowledge (cp. 2 Kings 4:27). It is just recently (i.e. December 2016), when I started coming alive that I realized a whole lot of people had been speaking to me to wake up and/or come out.

I am or may be schizophrenic but then this is what God has done for me, as far as I know from the scriptures (rf. Revelation 11:11). God bless you.


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