Transcoded Messages

Transcoded messages are messages that have something to it other than the mere words. They mean and are much deeper than the literal words. It is like you can almost feel the emotions added to the words, though it is not in spoken form but written form.

Most of the communication I have been making on the internet are transcoded. That is, I speak to those who understand me, and it is not just for anyone or everyone. I write to those who are like me, and understand the language that ‘we’ use amongst ourselves. We think alike and therefore when we speak, we understand each other perfectly.

I see that some people use these means to communicate also amongst themselves. I see it but then I am not able to tell whom they are talking about or what they are talking about. You just know they are talking jargons i.e. about something.

How To

When you say something, the reason behind it is added to the words though you may try to hide it. When people say things, the ‘actual meaning’ of their words are transcoded in their message. It takes understanding to know what they actually mean or what the words are intended for.

If you should follow the intentions, you can and may be misguided, as sometimes the person may even be ignorant of what he or she is saying. Sometimes too, people intentionally transcode their message to the intended person so they can later access (understand) it.

We see and use this in everyday life and conversations. People communicate through a means that only they understand. They keep others in the dark because they do not want them to know about what they are doing.


When you have people praising you yet they do not exalt you as their praise goes, you know that they are lying. When people speak of you as though they respect you yet do otherwise, you know that they are only mocking you.

Whatever happens, do not take people’s words literally, watch their actions too and use it to confirm their words. Like the saying goes, “action speak louder than words”. Also, some people may mean their words but are not able to show it in their actions for some reason other than autism.

This is by way of showing what transcoded messages are and how people use them. God bless you.



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