Spirit Intelligence

You can’t drive a spirit out from a man when it is his spirit – Albert Asare Aboagye.

In Matthew 12:44, the demon (unclean spirit) had every right to go back to his house since he did not have anywhere to stay. This is the house he had built for himself, and here you (the minister or man of God) come claiming he does not belong there, and so you drive him out.

If you think he is in the wrong location (place), or you have a greater plan or purpose as a church or government authority, perhaps/then, you would have to relocate him to a better place, probably another place with the same house as he had or even a better one if he likes it. I’m referring to the Keta people of Ghana who refused to move from their shore when the government wanted to relocate them.

All the same, there are spirits (human beings) who get accustomed to certain places, and relocating them can be very/that difficult, as you are disturbing their settlement. When sand segregates by vibration/shaking, it is hard digging through because it’s become used to its present state. It is the same human beings when they relocate. When they become accustomed to the place they’ve settled in, it is painful/hurting when you tell them to move as an authority. (cp. Matthew 8:29-31)

The best we can do as an authority is, we tell or place boundaries as to which places can be used for what. Like, for example, here is supposed to be used for residence and there for business or religious purposes. In that way, you are subjecting the spirit(s) to your spirit (rf. 1 Corinthians 14:32).

“I am one that believes that when humans are without boundaries, i.e. when you leave them alone and let them have their freedom, they will run/go wild like animals.”

What I am saying is, spirits are very intelligent. They reason for themselves and can do things for themselves, without being told what to do. When you subject or suppress the spirit(s), which is not necessarily supposed to be, they are driven out ‘of their house’ and wonder away. I am talking about attitudes of persons (cp. Proverbs 22:15) and not just casting out of demons.

This is by way of introducing to you the intelligence of spirits, and – not necessarily how to cast them out but – how to relate with them. I deem that the world will be a better place if we learn to live with each other, i.e. people with different spirits. Not all spirits are compatible with each other (Matthew 12:45) and some (i.e. human beings) can be very troublesome. Let those who have ears understand. Like we know it already, people like to move with those they have something in common with, what we call ‘cliques’. God bless you.

P.S.: I don’t know what I’m advocating but I think I’m advocating for peace and not war. I may be judging thus but when Jesus comes, he will judge both this and me (1 Peter 3:19).


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