How Language Came Into Being

According to the voices, human language is as it is today because we have learned or taught ourselves how to speak. It started by mimicking the sounds of animals and then evolved into what it is today (CP. Genesis 11:6).

If you would realize, most languages have syllables which determine what a word means. If we can get the – meaning of the – syllables right, we could determine what a word means just by combining two or more syllables. Anyway, how true is this?

One thing I found true is, most ancient languages run smooth on the tongue as though they are singing, though sometimes we know this when they are reciting. Recent languages like English and Twi which have evolved are pronounced syllable upon syllable i.e. syllabic. In other words, every syllable in a word or sentence is stressed upon, which explains why Ghanaian music are so raw, there being no niceness or smoothness of the words in the song. Again, how true is this too?


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