Life Expectancy of God’s Children

According to time travelers, we live the full age we are supposed to live, irrespective of how long we lived. According to God, we live the age we are supposed to live, in spite of what is to come (compare Hezekiah’s life with Israel’s captivity).

From these sources, our lives are not cut short even though we think we die young, that’s just the belief many had/have had, because they saw this person live for only 23 or 33 years. See the prophecy concerning how old or young we would be looking in the new heaven and earth, since we would be living for eternity (Isaiah 65:20: cp. Genesis 17:17).

However in the spirit, as things are, this person who died young actually lived for a full hundred years prophetically, and not any less or more.

According to how time works in the spirit, we all live for one day, according as God’s word is or has spoken (RF. Genesis 2:17).

Some live for for 0.23days which is/explains why they die young but then in the spirit, they’ve lived their full age. Some live for 1.20days and they haven’t flouted God’s law because it is within his word.



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