Am I Trending? (#Jesus)

M.I. 5 – mif – myth: “Jesus is a myth”. I guess they are about closing the docket on who Jesus Christ is, and whether there was once a Jesus here on earth as the Bible says.

M.I. 6 – mis – miss: “what did we miss?” That is, we thought Jesus was a myth, how come many things are happening in his name i.e. many prophecies being fulfilled from the Bible, that we do not even understand.

My opinion: I don’t even know what to say, let’s just hope Jesus is real. I’m only looking at the fulfilment of the signs as God showed me.

M.I.T. – am I trending?: “Jesus is trending”. I guess fans have to show it for themselves, whether Jesus is real/trending in their life.
Question: Is Jesus a vigilante in these present times? If so, why did he or has he chosen this identity (Matthew 25:13).

As for me, I’m only a vessel that God is using to prove to the world that the Bible is truth.


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