Two Against Three (Schizophrenia)

People pretend to say this or that but then you hear another thing in your ear. To people, they seem to be praising Jesus but to you, – you know – they are praising the Devil… in you, just because you are schizophrenic (Luke 12:52).

People may not understand you but these know you, they know exactly what is going on within you.

There is conflict of interest within me, sometimes the Two take over, sometimes the Trio take over, and people are not able to tell the difference when I speak i.e. when one side is speaking.

Those who belong to the Devil or God speak to their master and things take effect. It is not just a matter of using me, as someone told me sometime before, but a matter of who is responding in me. Is it the Two or Trio? Word

V, stand up and speak up!

2 + 3 = 5 (M I 5? Do I have five spirits aside mine, in my body?)
2 * 3 = 6 (M I 6? Do I have six spirits aside mine, in my body?)

Hint: Am I (Albert Asare Aboagye) the third person to add up to the Two so it becomes a perfect match against the Satanic Trio? If so, where is it in Scripture?

Some tell me to help myself out but if these spirits should come out (of me), they will be out here in this world and it is not going to be any nice experience if is time for the antichrist to reign. At least you know how I’ve suffered this past six years, not being able to buy or sell.

Perhaps God knew these times and so made me schizophrenic to see what people will do with me, how they will treat me (cp. Matthew 17:12). Perhaps I am schizophrenic so the world can be saved from hard trauma. Had the Two Witnesses and Antichrist, Dragon and False Prophet appear in the earth, how would people cope? How will they live and/or behave in such periods? Which or whose side would they join? These are some of the few questions we should ask ourselves, to tell whether we are ready for the end of the world. “Are you ready?”, I’m asking. 

In my concourse with the voices, it seems we agreed but it wasn’t so certain that we shouldn’t waste time any longer since they found me out. We were to live the course of the Bible i.e. fulfill it, which I deemed to be a preview of the ‘seventh week’ since I wasn’t yet 30. Now that I’m almost 30, I don’t know what’s up for me. So judging from the events, I deem that we’ve already gone through the 7yr tribulation period unless we were or are now preparing ourselves for it. 


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