War Of The Gods

There are gods and there are gods; there are gods and there is a God, who is God over all. With this overall God, there is none like Him, comparable to Him and beside Him. He is one God and the only God of all (Deuteronomy 6:4).

When gods fight amongst themselves, the grass suffers. They die down gradually, become brown, and then wither into dust. This is much the scenario in Joel 2:3 where the army of the Lord will be marching in the earth, the earth (ecosystem) which Lucifer has created for himself and those that come into it (Isaiah 14:16-17; cp. Matthew 4:8-9). If you got the punch line, we human beings are those gods fighting (Psalms 82:6-7).

In 1 Samuel 5:1-4, there was a serious warfare between the gods of two nations. Permit me to refer to the Lord God Almighty as a god over here, because it was the ark of the Lord that did the warfare and not God Himself.

There had been war between the Philistines and Israel, as it has always been even till now. Eventually the Philistines won and took their Ark into their temple, as a symbol or sign of victory/ownership, in order to add them as one of their gods. This the heathens usually did and still do, making gods of other nations their gods so the gods of other nations wouldn’t be mad (angry) against them for defeating or killing its people. See Deuteronomy 12:1-3.

But this god wasn’t the god of the heathens, he was the god of the Israelites as he had promised them through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and confirmed it through Moses. The Philistines lacked this knowledge, and thought they could take the God of the whole earth as their god. They didn’t know they had been refused or forsaken as the prophets later said/confirmed (rf. Isaiah 54:5-6; Ezekiel 16:1-14).

My favourite part in this scene (fight of the gods) was when Dagon, the god of the Philistines had fallen to his face on the earth the next day they woke up. Nothing stroke the Philistines that the Ark of the Lord had done it. They probably thought, the Israelites came by night to push him down to the ground and so they didn’t fear the unfathomable. Funny enough, they put up their god again against the Ark.

The next day, the same thing had happened except that this time, their god had no limbs and was decapitated. John Gill intimates that this god had the base of a fish and the upper part, that of a man. I am sure these philistines put him up there to signify something about their god, which they served, and the Ark of God did that job by telling them that their god is nothing but a fish!

These are some of the wars that gods have; however, I am referring to the war of human(-s as) gods, and not idols. Idols are just images symbolic of nothing. The true God who exists above has no form or shape that we should make an image to represent Him (Exodus 20:4). Perhaps next time when you are fighting, know who you are fighting for, who it is you are fighting with and who you are fighting against. I hope you’ve learnt yourself today. God bless you. 

P.S.: Today is Friday the 13th! 


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