Skin For Skin

They say, when you love someone, you will do everything in your power to save that person, and this mostly applies to wives or women.

In Job 2:4 when Satan was querying God to destroy Job, and all that he had, he tested Job’s unrelenting faithfulness to God on this. He tested him on the things (possessions) he had, to see whether he loved them or not, more than his life or wife. Permit me to deviate from the true meaning of this Scripture and to take it literally, as used metaphorically in Genesis 2:23.

Surprisingly, the wife didn’t seem to be the type that loved the husband that much. To me, it seems she was following him i.e. was married to him because of his money and not because of his religiosity. How do I know this? Which woman of God (being the wife of a man of God) would tell or ask his husband to curse God and die? Seriously, I don’t think any woman that loves God ‘that much’ would do so, not to herself or to her husband (cp. Genesis 3:6).

So, is it really skin for skin? Would we die to see our wives live? Is it blood for blood? Like we say over here, “blood is thicker than water”. Do we love family more than friends? It is like you can’t always run away from family, unless they’ve done something so painful to you. Families will follow you even when you run away from them, especially when they see that God is with you (cp. Genesis 12:5).

So we realize that skin matters, especially now that racist violence is common or has soared. It takes someone who does not care about ‘skin colour’ to love you. So what is the way forward? We’ve got to love our skin, and not only our skin but other skins. For all you know, we were once one skin, from the same parent, from the same father and mother but got separated along the line (Genesis 1:28; Genesis 11:4). I mean to say, “let’s stop racism or racist remarks, let’s say things that bring unity and togetherness”. God bless you. 



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