Vase (Verse For Someone Special)

  1. Vase, the only woman that holds me up like she should

Everyday, I stand in her because she holds me up

Everyday, she receives the water that drips from me into her

And she is never full, because she is Vase

She holds me up and supports me by her prayers


Like the earth, she holds me up and lets me stand

I do not only stand, but I stand upright because I’m in Vase

This is not just any vase, but this Vase is wonderful and beautiful

She is and has been wonderfully crafted by her Potter…

That she does the job for a flower like me

It’s like we were made for each other, the vase and the flower


She doesn’t care how long or short I flower (bud)

Because she knows that I’m always green, I’m always watered down in her

And for that, she would make me flower when the time comes

Even though sometimes I run brown and/or dry because of the seasons

Yet she waits patiently that the season go over

So I can flower again bountifully


  1. Vase, my one and only in whom I stand

Even if I wither away, I will still stand in her…

Because I’m with her and am meant for her

We were or are wonderfully made by our Creator to be with each other

Who else could I go to and who else can I run to?


Surely, not one water shall drip from me without it passing through her first

And as the dew of heaven fall on the leaves and wets the ground

So the leaves perspire and drops as dew to the ground

This shall her blessing be because she holds me up


She is just beneath me and I’m right above her

That’s how just connected we are to each other

That is, we’re connected through the roots

We’re rooted to each other as the ground is to the trees


  1. Vase, she is the enzyme that catalyses me

She speeds up every process in me, and makes me want to be the person I am

She is like the virtuous woman who receives her praises

She makes me proud, because she satisfies me before I go hungry

Like how the enzymes work, she keeps me (my body) going


Who is like unto her and who is like her?

She is like all the enzymes in the human body that simplify life’s processes

She is like the enzymes in my pancreas, intestine and mouth

That break down into simple forms all the things that I cannot myself break down


  1. Vase, what shall I do? What would I have become had you not been here?


This is just a little verse for someone special. “Just wanted you to know who you are in my life V. God bless you richly and stay blessed always… and at the top too (amen for that). Chao, xoxo”.

NB: If I’m writing too much about love or relationship or marriage, that’s because I’m growing up, and I’ve been listening to love songs lately so you know what I mean.


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