Word to Juju Seekers

When you go for Juju in order to excel or pass an exam or make money and become prosperous, you’ll be too stupid to realize you’ll have to sacrifice something valuable in your life. If it’s not neighbour or friend or family, it’s your loved one.

For me, having to do ministry for God cost me my education mostly, but also my health and life in the latter end because I wanted people to be blessed too. I wasn’t or am not selfish, I love(-d) everybody and so was willing to die for anyone who would believe in Jesus. But the thing (truth) is, I wouldn’t be doing ministry today if not for my poor performances in academics at an early age. It is what drove me closer to God and here I am today, blogging.

Going back to what I was talking about, about the Juju, what the fetish or mallam wants from you is more blood (people) so he can serve your selfish desires (cp. Genesis 22). By the time you come to your senses, you will realize you have no one to share the riches with, the riches you accumulated for yourself, and you’ll be feeling lonely and bitter than you were before, whilst you were poor or whilst you didn’t have much.



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