4 1 9 (Advance Fee Scam)

If you’ve been ‘four-one-nined’, do not worry, you’re not the only one. We’ve all experienced fraud in one form or another before. Even 419 was used on Jesus Christ, the certain rich man spoken of in Luke 16:1-12.

The kingdom of heaven is not coming literally as some perceive, at least not until the dawn of the new heaven and earth (rf. Luke 17:21). So, if we are waiting for the Master to return, then we must expect that he will do some carnal reaping from our labours before he restores us to our land and possession (Luke 19:17&19).

So what is 419? It is a type of advance fee scam law in Nigeria that deals with fraud, its charges and penalties on offenders. Not taking it seriously, I was duped with 419 recently but the truth is, even Jesus was robbed with fraud so I am no greater than my master.

In Luke 16:1-12, the rich man had an unfaithful servant or steward who would not render his account to him because he was untrustworthy. When this steward realized that he was caught, he made dealings with his debtors, his master’s debtors, to rob him since he would be sacked no matter what.

I am very sure if the Bible were about blacks, they would be Nigerians or at least may have descended from this man (steward).

The unfaithful steward took half or more than half of all the debts that the debtors owed the master, and went away with it. The master did not chase after him but acknowledged the steward’s wisdom. “Perhaps the master should have made him collect his due before sacking him”, that is where I think the master lacked wisdom; he thought no evil/ill of people. In ‘commemoration’, he said and wished that all the children of this world would be the same, since they will not be given the Kingdom or taken into the Kingdom.

The children of this world should make for themselves money on earth, since they will not be given the true riches. They should make for themselves ‘friends of the world’ since Jesus and his saints will be an enemy to them when he comes to reign during the thousand years. This they should do, that when they fall or fail, they will have someone to take care of them. Like as we see it always over here in Africa, presidents make truce with families and friends that when they go out of power, they will have people to cede to and be helped (just mere allegation from people). Compare Matthew 11:3.

But in conclusion, the end of such 419 people is not a happy one. They think they’ve amassed for themselves riches but these riches will not last for long, let alone for ever. Taxes alone can swoop all the money they have away or even bills. But when they (you) have the true riches, it doesn’t matter what comes their way, they know that they are covered. Just like in movies, you will have to keep defrauding people in order to keep up with life. #word 

This is how I want to end my message. If you are unfaithful (greedy) in this unrighteous money called paper, who will give you the true and durable riches made of gold and precious stones. Who will? Not me and I don’t think Jesus either. God bless you.

Beware of 4 1 9!

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