Church And State: Fight

Hello, these are some of the things I’m bothered about as a Christian, and also as an impending pastor. Having read from the news, what is the boundary between church and state, if there is any? Where does the church come in and where does the law come in when it comes to disciplining human beings? Is the law even effective or it’s effective only on the church and not state? Here are further probing questions.

1. Church prosecution, is it in the hands of the law? Do we have to send our prosecution to the law court in order for them to deal with it for us? What does the law say concerning church discipline? Are there any restrictions on the church as to disciplining its members?

1a. What is the role of the law even? Where does the law come in when it comes to human discipline? And how much mandate/regard has been given to it?

I see that the things happening currently is just to put a stop to the church, to prevent it from its duties. It’s like the state is trying to take over the church, and when this happens, the pastors and ministers will also be under the same. Is there a fight going on, between church and state? Hm, Christians should pray.


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