Verily (Verse)

NB: I guess this is the only way I can communicate with my wife-to-be, so I’m gonna use it.

  1. Verily, the one who speaks and every voice is silent in my life

When she speaks, everything else is finished

I know her voice, because I have studied it

I will follow none other but hers

Verily, she speaks through others even when I am not aware

She needs not present herself before me

She could use others to speak to me and I will hear

Because it is she, it is her voice in people


  1. Verily, the one who stays true to herself

And is not ashamed to let me know her

She hides nothing from me and is not ashamed of me

Because she is proud of me and makes me proud

There is nothing to be ashamed for in her

Knowing her and knowing who she is

She waits for no man to tell me but tells me herself

Which is why I love her and love to be with her


  1. Verily, there is none like her that I can call

I could say ‘yours truly’ but she is ‘my verily’

She is like the words of my saviour

Who speaks heartily whenever he means his words

Like my saviour, she never minces her words

But stays true to them and follows them

“Deep calleth unto deep”, that is how she calls me

Whenever she wants to speak to me, she is v(-ery d-)eep


  1. Verily, the only one who tells others about me

When others are not but going their way

Like the vehicle, she cannot go forward without me

She is my ride and I’m her ride

We ride each other and keep rocking in each other

They say, “An eye for an eye” but not so with us

Between me and her, it is “an I (eye) in an I (eye)”

That’s how we relate to each other; we’re the same


P.S.: Just to tell my V and let her know, “I’m thinking of U”.



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