Vice (Verse)

1 Vice, the other person beside me

She is like my other self, the person aside me

When I am not in charge, she is in charge

Because she is my Vice and my wife

She holds me upright like a clamp in carpentry

She planes me till I am smooth to the fingers

And does not stop till I am polished


2 If there was someone other, it would be my Vice

She rules the world when I am away…

On another mission, on a trip abroad or elsewhere

Together, we rule this world and the next

Together we stand like a G in each other


3 V is no vice at all to me in relationship

She was raised up in the fear of God

And she is a Christian, as beautiful as Christ’s bride

She doesn’t overdress like others

Her adornment is as the weighty glory of God; it speaks volumes

And her glory (boast/praise) is as the beauty of a virtuous woman

So brilliant and illuminating it is to the eyes

That one cannot stop looking at her

Like as the ‘burning bush’ was – irresistible – to Moses


4 She is a firebrand clamped into God

Like the cherubims and seraphims, so is she

She possesses the fire of God like a holder

And that is the Vice I have chosen

None other can support me like her



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