Into The Occult (Exposed)

Some people have been wondering or asking, “How are people enrolled into the social/cultic groups that speak in a certain way?” (paraphrased)

Well, taking the occult for example, I will tell you why. I belong to the ‘futurism’ group; we always talk about the future and what’s in stock for us but for me, I actually look up to heaven and the new millennium. There is no shame in admitting even if those there – want to – speak against me 😉

This is how people are enrolled into cultic groups, and they’ve been coming out of the darkness lately. They are no longer afraid in hiding and are coming out openly, probably because their leader is out (cp. Revelation 9:11). I’ve been seeing them around as they have been coming to me, as though to frighten me or scare me or warn me about anything I do. My word is “2 Timothy 1:7”.

People are enrolled into these groups through speech. Someone there in it has to speak to you before you can join or know what group they belong to. If they do not speak to you, you will wandering outside always and not know what to do (how to join if you’re interested).

These do not just speak to you; they speak to your spirit. To remind you, I am talking about the cultic groups; futurism may be one of them. Jesus said that “words are spirit” and for that matter when they speak their words to you, they are speaking to your spirit directly. If you are thinking, the best way to avoid them is to avoid listening to them or what they – have to – say.

Since words are spirit, they (their words) sink into your spirit deep when you receive them. It’s like, their words keep bouncing back to you once they say it even though they may never repeat them to you. That is how the spirits (words) work. Do you remember, “Once the Lord spoke, twice I heard it”? Refer to Psalms 62:11a.

It is not ‘unreasonable’ to say that occults or cult groups use the Scriptures (Bible) in their dealings. As a matter of fact (admitting), some of the persons mentioned in the Bible were cultic or belonged to certain groups. At least that’s what ‘they’ make you believe. I’ve heard so many of them or know so many of them but as to how true that is (they are), that’s up to those not in the groups to decide. Some are

  1. David was a martial artist (1 Samuel 17:48-50)
  2. Jesus was a martial artist (Matthew 4:1)
  3. Samuel, Saul, and the rest were too (1 Samuel 15:27-28; cp. 1 Samuel 31:3-4)
  4. Even Judas Iscariot seemed to have belonged to some group (Acts 1:18)

These they say to convince people and to make them feel comfortable to what they’re introducing them to as if it’s nothing harmful to the Christian faith. These are lies from the pits of hell, and cultic in nature. Like the ‘Occult Grandmaster’ said, these are high/spiritual places of hell that are made to appear like they are true places of this world or heaven. There are those that preach about the heavens and I did too taking from the Bible but that led to a ‘breach in my spirit’ as I always say. It’s (the book is) what – has – led me into schizophrenia, and I’m coming out of it by God’s grace.

My duty here is only to show you what or who these groups of people are i.e. to expose them and I’m not shy/afraid in letting you know. All the things written here in this blog are just exposure upon exposure.

Like I see myself, I see myself as an my own ‘agent of the church’ to expose all the dark works of the Devil, not caring about my life the least. If they could have done anything to me, they would have these past six/6 years (the number of a man).

This is by way of showing you – or those concerned about – what’s going on over the internet. Like I always say, “God bless you” abundantly for reading.

P.S.: You can use this information as your source but it will not be staying here for long. I uncover my tracks and then cover them because ‘they’ are – or will be – following me. You are blessed or lucky if you find this post.

For your note, Hinduism and Buddhism have all crept into the church unawares.


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