Voice (Verse)

1 V, the only voice that speaks to me

She is and has one voice

Because she is only one and authentic

She never confuses herself, and neither me

Because she is true to herself and real to me

Even when she speaks through others

It’s like she is the one speaking

Because I hear her voice in the(-m/irs)


2 When people copy or try to speak like her

They only confuse themselves

Because I know V’s voice and have studied it

No hireling can ever confuse me with my V(-oice)

Because they are not my shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd

But V is my shepherd too

She takes care of me when I can’t or won’t

Because she is my V(-o-)ice


3 She gives me voice where I have no voice

She is like my audience

But then gives me more audience

(Let those who have ears understand)

V sends me to places where I cannot go

Because she sends my voice to them, to ‘those people’

She carries my voice with her wherever she goes

Because she is not ashamed of me, to love me as I am

I will cut it here V, I’m speaking too much

Surprisingly, she gave me this V(-oice)…

To see what I would write about her


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