Gaining True Acceptance

True acceptance comes by living and walking in faith towards God – Albert. When Abraham walked with God, he was called the friend of God because he believed in Him (James 2:23).

We can never have true acceptance from God unless we obey what He tells us. We know this through the three of stages or levels of God’s acceptance (Romans 12:2b). The fact that God leaves you to do what you like doesn’t mean He’s accepted you; He’s only bearing with you, hoping you’ll change for the better (Romans 1:28).

Men may accept us but are we accepted by God or before our God? If you do not believe in a God, do you acknowledge that there is an Ultimate Judge of all, who judges everything He’s created including human beings? We are and may be judged by men ‘thus and thus’: by Christians, Muslims, Hindus, other but the Judge of all is God whom these stand for and are in His place.

Whether we like it or not, we are God’s: He owns us and has us in his hands. If you doubt what I’m saying, “why do you cry to God when things get out of hand in your life, when you do not have things under your control? Who are you crying to if you don’t believe in a God?

So the question is, do we want to be accepted by God or men? Or we just want to accept ourselves? Note that these are two different things. We may appreciate what God has made us but that doesn’t give us the room to change what He’s made (cp. Isaiah 45:9-10). Should I (we) even respect persons?

In a way, I may side with nonbinaries because I am one myself but then we have to look at what God’s plan, what He’s made us. Am I to live like I’m female just because I like ‘feminism’ or I have to live as is expected of me- a man? What’s the sense even in it, to live like female when you are male or vice versa?

All these I blame science for what it’s made us: the genetically modified foods we eat, the environment (gases and pollution, all these alter the genetic makeup of a person) we live in, how we are raised up (by parents), and also how we are treated (by peers and others). All these play a role in how we perceive certain things, like we say that certain games or meals or courses or jobs are for male/female only.

I do not blame God at all for being who I am today, but science, because they tune and programme our minds to behave the way we do. First it starts with cartoons, then little pictures, then motions, and before you know, it’s straight in your face and you have no option than to accept that that is what God’s made you when in fact, it is the work of evil geniuses (Satan and/through men).

Anyways, I do not look for acceptance from anybody; I like the way I am and love how God’s shaped me through these 30 years. So long as I know God has accepted my person and character, I do not need to live to please anybody/whoever. At the end of the day, we must remember that it is God we are going to live with, and the brethren that believe the same, there will be no schism or confusion in God’s house when we meet together because He’s accepted all of us as the same. God bless you.

P.S.: Are we to accept LGBTs as part of God’s church? Refer to Ephesians 4:25.

It doesn’t matter whether LGBTs have their own established churches, do we or should we accept them as a church? At the end of the day, if Christ (the church) does not accept them, they will be damned (rejected) on the day of reckoning (rf. Matthew 16:19). Whatever we accept as church will be accepted by Christ too, unless we are not followers of Christ. It will be no use being divided as a church; we are not in the kingdom of Satan but Christ’s. We just need to have one mind, whether to accept LGBTs as God’s children into God’s kingdom or deject them to hell and count them as sinners. The power is in our hands, what do you – as a church – say?


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