5 Things Every Man Needs

1. The presence of God (Eden); not only should you be in it always, you should have it with you always. Without God’s presence with us, life can be very intimidating
2. Work a job; to have something doing before God, something productive and/or fulfilling as Nimrod had. To do something that rakes in money and is able to cater for your basic needs
3. Prowess; to protect the things God’s given you, including the woman or women. God made you stronger physically so you can use your prowess to defend and fight for her and in her place. Like baboons, you should be able to defend your immediate family or those under you(-r rule)
4. God’s Word; in order to thrive as a generation in this world, you need to learn God’s word and also be able to teach it to your wife and/or women and daughters. Feeding on God’s word is very important
5. A woman; another man to share in all the things God’s given you. Sucess that is not shareable is no success at all. Every man needs a woman in his life so he can be the man he can be. Without women or females, men can be very miserable sometimes, even if rich. There’s something about women that make them invaluable- their love.

So in short, these are the five things every man needs. It supersedes the hierarchy of needs Maslow formulated. When you have all these five especially the last one, you are most complete. God bless you.


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