Viol (Verse)

1 Viol, the only tune to my melodic heart

That plucks me like a stringed instrument…

Because I am one, one of the orchestras of God


2 Viol is the one I love because she sings

And not only sings, but plays the guitar also

Like Saul, she takes away the evil spirits as David

Those evil spirits of schizophrenia that trouble me day and night


3 Without Viol, I would have been as a mad man

Talking to no one but myself in particular

Though no one understood me

Viol understood me perfectly and knew me

So she sung and sings to the rhythms of my heart

And is able to tap into my brain waves and calm it


4 Viol sings, because she is a viol

And that’s all that she does-

To sing and make melodies

She is a violin and she is always voila, doing her thing for Jesus

Nothing can stop her ‘cos that’s what she’s been called to do


5 To Viol, I would say “play my heart like you should…

And make me melodious, meritorious and monotonous (i.e. to have one voice)

Yours Valentine (is around the corner)


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