How to Make Things Happen (Tips On Creation or Invention)

1. Cultivating the presence of God- there is fruitfulness and abundance in it. Even God, when He was creating the things in the earth still needed His Spirit around to hover over the earth. In cultivating the presence of God, everything is possible and likely to be productive or fruitful because God’s Spirit is in it. You need the presence of God if you want what you’re doing or the direction you’re taking to be a success. Moses understood the importance of God’s presence and never went forward without Him.

2. Learn to speak- your words are very important, vital to your success in this matter. Words are spirit and for that matter when you speak, you shoot spirits into the atmosphere to take effect. Depending on what you speak, that is what you get. Speak the right words, let your visions or plans be known and then work on it. If you have to write them down, that is even better so you don’t forget. Cultivate the right aura or aroma of words and use them in your everyday life. When you use the right words always, even the right answers and/or questions, you direct where you want your invention or creation to go/move.

3. Waiting for fruition- patience is key after you plant. Ideas do not come to fruition on day one, it takes some time. This earth may be cursed but it is still as fruitful as when it was void and formless. When we plant our words into this earth, which we got from the spirit anyways, it is bound to multiply no matter what because that is what this earth is, (even without the spirit of God?).

4. Judge it- mark it to the percentage you think is desirable. Is it (the result) something you like or can improve upon? When God created things on each day, He assessed it whether it was good, better or perfect at the end of the day. Perhaps you need to have markers to show your progress. I used to do this whenever I was writing a book, I would save copies of each level of editing I did on the book just to see how far I’d come.

5. Love it- whether you like it or not. You should be proud of what you’ve created or invented else no one would or can, because you brought up or out that idea. When you love it or love what you’re doing, the best that the product can be comes out instead. When God was creating the earth, He put His all into it by commanding forth and setting them in their order. When God was creating man, He made him the best by making him in his image and likeness. Word out to scientists, there is no fear making machines as good as you, even if they go bad, you can still right them like God’s doing to Lucifer.

This is just a little something I wanted to share with you. God bless you.


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