Veil (Verse)

1 Veil, my covering which is my glory

If not for her, I would have long hair

But now is she my covering of hair

Without her, I would have been bald

With so much anointing like Elisha’s

Because I’m or I’ve been joined to her

Now I am as a man, as any other man

A man that marrieth and haves children

A man that is not supposed to be eunuch

Not single for life or single so as to concentrate on ministry


2 My veil is my blood that covereth me and keeps me chaste

If not for her, I would have been as a dog chasing after lascivious women

She covers me with her blood and keeps me pure and holy

Like the blood of the lamb, so is her blood

Pure and holy is her blood, undefiled and without impurity


3 Veil, the covering that is my bride

That covers her beauty with her covering

O when shall I unveil her? To wit

She decks herself with diamonds and linen…

On her day, her wedding day


4 This is my veil whom I am proud of

To unveil to the whole world who she really is

None is like her and none to be compared

Adorable and peaceable are but few of her names

This is the covering which she has covered herself with

Even with these names, which are filled with so much awe


5 To veil I say, cover me with thy blessings and glory

Cover me, that my nakedness be not revealed

Thou art my covering, in which is no shame



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