5 Signs A Guy Loves You

  1. Your name always comes to mind or he’s always thinking about you; always mentions your name in his speech; When a guy can’t seem to get your name off his lips, he’s been doing a lot of thinking about you lately or more probably, can’t seem to get you off his mind. Whatever it is that you did, you captivated his mind and probably his heart too. Some guys for beauty sake just can’t think of anything else. If you’re one woman that is beautiful and know that you’re beautiful, probably your name will always be on the lips of men around you


  1. He misses you a lot; makes the move to always see you(-r face) . Of all the signs, this is the one most funny to me. Guys can make room just to see or visit someone they have a crush on but when they do not love someone, they find all the reasons (excuse) to not have time for a lady even if they’re staying close. Well, if a guy loves you, he finds time out of his busy schedule to see you and chat with you, even if online. As a lady, which I’m saying ‘a lady’, appreciate that effort if you cherish that guy


  1. Hears someone’s voice similar to yours; talks to you just to hear your voice or hear you talking; not a day passes without your guy missing you, especially if he loves you that dearly. Does he call you a lot, or pass by a lot? Chances are that he just want to hear you or be around you. Perhaps marriage solves this problem, or if you’re close by, distance wouldn’t be a heck. I’ve learnt some chemistry about the voice of women, which is, they are ‘synthesizers’ for want of a better word


  1. Thinks you’re adorable, even to be worshipped; buys you a gift always; ever wondered why there is always a gift on your table, that’s because you’re too precious to your ‘hubby’ (husband-to-be). A gift is also a token of love especially in relationships and marriages. When your guy buys or gives you a gift, know that he values you that much and sees you as an idol


  1. Makes the move towards you; thinking about ‘sexting’ or can’t resist the urge; okay this is off the charts but a guy who loves you makes the move towards you but may resist it for sanctity’s sake. If you have a guy who is ‘romantic’ as you say towards you, chances are that he may be restraining himself. This is not the usual Christian thing you always hear, “that sex is out of relationships and only in marriage”. Now to be probing, “are we sticks when we’re into relationships? Do we not have feelings for one another when we’re in relationships?” So it would be perfectly normal for me to say or admit that it is natural to want to have sex with a female but for sanctity’s sake and also one’s adherence to his faith, resist that temptation. The grand price comes or is paid when the guy finally marries you, when he is free to do all that he wants with you- a proof of his ultimate love for you 


So these are some of the signs a guy shows when he loves you. However, these cannot be guaranteed as love as they’re more motivated by feelings.


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