Reminiscing (Joy And Happiness)

What is joy and happiness? What is the difference between them? They say joy and happiness are not the same, that joy is eternal whilst happiness is temporary but I think joy is intrinsic and happiness extrinsic. That is, joy springs from within whilst happiness is caused by external factors.

Understanding these, we could then say that we have or can have joy but happiness is not something we can have. We can be happy because it is caused by something but we can never have happiness. Proceeding from these, I want to show how these two affect or influence our lives and decisions.


Joy comes from within; it is inert. We’re a lot happier when we have joy. Work sometimes can seem enjoyable and less tiring when we have joy. Joy makes relationships easier as we do not burden our partners so much, because we are more of self. When we have joy, we are the brightest part of our selves, the best in us comes out not because of what someone did or an award we received, but something we’ve discovered about ourselves. Joy makes us happy within and is not dependent on anything.

These are some of the things joy does to a person, how it changes the person from within. If you are asking how to have joy, “what is that one thing you love most or dearly?” Perhaps that thing can bring you joy in spite of what you may be going through. Get or seek that thing and nothing will stop you in this life.


Happiness can be given and can be taken away. It explains why we can be having fun and someone’s deed or action can just make you frown or stop laughing in a moment. Happiness derives its energy from things or people. These are like the sources of happiness and explains why sometimes comedies and jokes makes us laugh all the time and even forget about our worries. Happiness gives us a good feeling and is a good feeling, a feeling which is necessary to ‘ginger’ (motivate) us to do the things we want to do. Without happiness, or with sadness which is the opposite, there is little we can do as individuals. Happiness is temporary like I said, and only helps us achieve discreet and discrete successes.

So these are the few thoughts I have on happiness and joy. If you were to choose, what would we select, ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’? I will be coming out more times to share my thoughts on topics like these. God bless you.


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