Reminiscing (Love)

NB: This is not the usual Christian article you know of or expect; this is a straightforward talk about the realities of life.

Love is many things, and people talk about it so much. Some even call their partners love, which is so cool. The love I am talking about here is not the subjective feeling you have but an entity, like a person you can hold and feel with your senses. People have so many ideas about love and I am here only to address a few and correct some if necessary.

Love is Stupid?

They say love makes you stupid, that it makes you not to reason properly because of some chemicals that are released in the brain. Well for a fact, love does make you do stupid things, like forsaking that class to see a girlfriend. Believe you me, love is not stupid but makes you pursue your desires.

Actually, love should make you pursue your dreams and not chase after people. That is so stupid about love, the notion we’ve imbibed or have been made to believe. Love should push you forward or impress upon your heart to achieve your goals and not people.

Love Hurts or is Blind?

“Love is blind”, “love hurts”, are so many of the things we hear always. Are these true even? I guess they’re true for those who experience them, as they seem to speak from experience. But experience is not everything, sometimes wisdom is. Love makes you blind, I should say, and is not blind; being or falling in love does not make you see all the blind spots in a person. Love doesn’t hurt, it only hurts because people whom you love most hurt you the most at the least instance. At least experience proves these too so at the end of the day, it is not love that is blind or that hurts but the people whom you love or that love you that cause these things.

Actually, love makes you see and heals every wound. Just when that person hurt you that bad, your love showing you kindness should be enough to heal all the wounds caused. Love teaches, I can say, because when you love someone, you want the person to know as much as you do and you do not fear the worst because you know love. Love doesn’t make you look stupid, it’s the stupid people who do, who are too stupid to appreciate the great gift shown or given them.

Love Hopes?

“Love hopes”, that is another thing we hear sometimes. Love has the best interest in everyone, even those who do not deserve it. Yes, love hopes for the best in people and does not look down on them. Anyone who looks down on people does not really love the person. Like we say, “you never know what one might become in future so never disrespect anybody”.

Going beyond hope, love should believe. I believe this goes against all odds to mean or say that when you believe in someone, you’re not only bringing out what they’re capable of doing but that you’re challenging them to be better or greater than they’re doing already. So love has hopes in people that they can make it but love should also believe in people that they will make it no matter what.

I think I’ve addressed three or four things and that should be enough. Perhaps I might come later to address other daring ones that defy the idea of what love is. God bless you.


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