Receiving Answered Prayers

I don’t know who this piece will bless but I’m sharing it all the same. I’m in an age group where I’m boxed to be a millennial but that’s far from it. For me, I define a millennial technically as someone born from the ‘90s upwards. That excludes me because I’m ‘87 born though I still live with my parents.

There is this one problem that seems to stick with millennials and being ahead of them, it sticks with me also. The thing is “millennials are areligious or irreligious”. Somehow, they can’t seem to stick with this idea of Godliness or how it relates to their life. Millennials are not so much into anything, especially when that thing is full of miscreants e.g. politics. However to save the millennials, “people don’t define what these are, it’s what we take it to be”.

Just come to think of it, with all the things happening around us, where does this God fit into it, into our lives?

One of the things millennials find themselves doing, is always chilling and wanting to chill. Sometimes you’re like, “will these people ever work or be a little serious?” Even those who work or are serious tend to live luxuriously, and seem to live or have luxurious lifestyles. Let’s admit it. They always want to get or have something. In that regards, is prayer necessary. How many millennials pray or have a prayer life?

That’s where I am now. I’m torn between these two decisions, whether to pray or just go ahead and have it. I know I have to get ahead and move on but I’m stuck here, whether it would take prayer or a miracle to move ahead or just by me doing.

If you’re like me, God doesn’t do anything for you unless you get up and do something for yourself, even after praying. So, what’s the use/point of prayer then? It’s just like the question I asked when I read Matthew 6:8 “for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.”

If God knows what I need, why does He wait for me to ask Him? The question is, “why do we even pray?” Why do we pray for what we’ve already received? Why do we pray for what we already have? This runs through my mind whenever Matthew 6:8 occurs to me.

When I read those words, it tells me that God wants us to be centred on Him, He doesn’t want us to be self-centred or self-sufficient (we could if we want but it doesn’t last forever). God wants us to be devoted to him, to rely on Him for everything because really, He’s given us everything we’ll ever need.

Come to think of it, “when did God create man?” God created man after He had created everything necessary and needful to him, man. So is there anything we’ll ask God that He hasn’t provided or made provision for already?

What I am saying is, the answer to our prayers is already out there, we just don’t see it. Perhaps like Peter, it is only when we pray to the Master or heed to His call that we find what we’re looking for. Even with that, it applies only to those called in ministry.

The key to receiving answers to our prayers is knowing that we already have the answers (rf. Mark 11:24). All that you’re looking for is already out there, perhaps instead of refining your prayer, redefine it. Instead of asking God for this or that, ask God where what you’re looking for is.

It’s quite amazing whenever I ask God for something, He shows me what to do next. Perhaps this could also be your testimony if you pray to Him.

The answers to our prayers are not far away, and I didn’t come to make you any prayerless or less prayerful. When praying, you should be focussed on what you’re looking for. The question I ask myself is, would I have known what I did afterwards if I had not prayed? Most times, I realize my actions would have been fruitless if I hadn’t inputted prayer.

God loves it when we pray to Him; He loves it when we’re close to Him. Sometimes when you are that close to God, you don’t even need to ask; He just shows you where, what you’re looking for.

If I haven’t said/shared anything at all with you, just pray to God. It doesn’t have to be the orderly or formalized prayers we make. Sometimes the sincerest heart-to-heart talk with God receives immediate answers than the ritualized ones. Just pray to God like you’re talking to a friend in your bosom or close by, God hears when it’s coming from your heart.

This is the little something I thought of sharing with the millennials of today. You don’t have to be areligious or religious in order to pray. Prayer is for anyone and everyone, even the unbeliever. God bless you.


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