Stress: Causes And Treatment

Stress has come to be one of the main things that reduces productivity in the work environment and even now, in family life. When one is stressed, it is likely they would be taking a toll on the family by spending too much money on drugs or therapy. Stress is a destroyer not only at the workplace but also in one’s personal life. Here, I want to talk about the few causes of stress and its treatment I guess.

If there was a hormone called ‘fear hormone’, I’m sure that would be one of the root causes of stress in today’s world. With so many disorders in the medical system, fear can be diagnosed as one of the causes of stress. Is it so much of lack of sleep that causes stress? I’d say no, it’s fear of the day that causes stress, what the day has to offer or present.

If I was to wake up to a day where it’s all filled with fun, nothing boring or annoying, nothing irritating, I’m sure I would be pleased to wake up to that day. “What’s the rush for?” I always say. The “Monday hustle and bustle” that we have to rush to work and make the first or best impressions, what are they for?

If lack of sleep was the cause of stress, I’m sure the weekend should be able to take care of that but no. From experience, we know that sleep is not the only solution to our stress problems. It’s our attitude towards certain things we have deemed common or usual or norm.

There are irritants in life, not only in the form of smells. Job can be an irritant, that nagging person can be an irritant; how you perceive life can be an irritant. In my view, these can create unnecessary sublime stress that we never see and which never seem to go away until they are taken out of the way. These irritants and fear are more important than the named causes of stress we know or are used to.

Also, negative stress hormones left in the body unused can also cause stress. This negative stress hormone is called Cortisol. Our ancestors had lived in a time where there was so much fright that it was ‘survival of the fittest’. When – they were – faced with danger, it was either a fight or a flight approach. It was in this approach that Cortisol was released to help them save their lives, and we’ve inherited that.

Sadly, as God created us or designed the human body, we are not meant to be immobile, to live sedentary lifestyles. It is in this discontinuation of what our ancestors started that leads to so much stress today. Our bodies interprets our fears the same way as they did when our ancestors were alive, and it’s what kills us slowly.

Stress is a killer, a slow but sure one. But with proper dieting, we can overcome it. Avoiding processed or refined foods helps, but then also eating a much-anticipated vegan diet helps. Dieting and exercising goes hand in hand, you do not want to leave the other when doing one. Exercise helps because it helps get rid of the negative hormones by using them up so we can have a fresher energy or feeling of self.

Without these, much of our lives would bogged down to sluggishness and an ill feeling. So, I hope I have been able to name a few of the causes of stress I think and also its treatment. Its treatment is by avoiding the causes or doing the opposite of them. God bless you.


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