How To Have A Successful Ministry

One of the misrules of blogging is that you don’t have to be in the field in order to give expertise advise, you could just do a little reading and you’re good to go. So in this article, I want to share some tips as to how to have a successful ministry. I think I have a successful ministry, if you’ve been following me, how I started this blog ministry and how I’ve been growing up. To cut it short, here are the tips.

  1. Studying the word (grooming yourself in the word)

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

As God’s minister, the first thing you need is the word of God before you even seek miracles and healing or signs and wonders. You need to be filled with the word of God, with truth and be full of the grace of God. Without the word, you cannot achieve these. It’s like the word teaches you to be gracious, to be merciful, and compassionate which is necessary for the ministry of love, unless you are ministering death or hell to the people.

  1. Fasting (fueling)

Fasting is like a fuel that drives your spirit, fasting is a spiritual food. Like Jesus said, the spirit can be that weak and unwilling in circumstances when you do not pray and fast (watch). Fasting is what unclogs the debris of this world on you, which men or trials put on you. Through fasting, you are able to free your spirit and also brighten yourself the more for a glorious ministry. Fasting sets you where you cannot start. Fasting gives you the unction to launch and also complete your mission.

  1. Being about the Father’s business (ministry)

This is where all the work is, being about the Father’s business. Ministry is not your work, it is the work of the Lord which we’ve been called to do as servants or labourers. Getting this understanding frees you from all the hustles that we have or put upon ourselves. As you see the Lord work, so you work. If God tells you to do A, you do A believing it’s God who’s called you to do A. When you see Him moving, you also move because He is the one in charge. I hope you get me.

  1. Depending on what’s given you

It’s God who supplies our needs to do ministry and most times, He uses people. For me I think, if God is that interested in your ministry, He will provide all that you need so you have a successful ministry. Sometimes I also think that God puts us in a situation to check what we would do, whether we would believe Him and seek Him to help us or that we will turn our own way. This largely determines whether ministries are successful and it’s the reason why most ministries fail- because they depend so much on themselves or their skills. My advise is, don’t do ministry more than you can do, don’t overdo just because it looks nice that way. If necessary, believe God for a breakthrough for the next move.

  1. Praying (staying in touch with – God – the Father)

You can’t do ministry without prayer, it would be tiresome. Every now and then, you need to seek the face of the Father and feed from Him. You need to get into His word and search for Him so it doesn’t feel like you’re on your own. Ministry without the Father in it is like fishing without a sea, there would be no fishes.

  1. Fellowshipping (staying in touch with fellow members)

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25)

This church thing becomes more important when we see the day approaching. When things are going bad or we see the end coming, that is the time we should ‘church’ more. For me, though I’m not actively engaged in church, I do this by keeping in touch with the word of God, with friends that keep or draw me to the word of God, and even follow preaching sometimes. It’s hard in these times with all the busy schedules but then we should never have an excuse for not mingling together. Spending time with ministers who are like-minded helps a lot and saves you a lot of hassle.

So these are some of the things to do to have a successful ministry. If you’re doing any of these, I’m sure you’re doing well along. Just add the others and you will realize you’re not the only one in the business. There are others called to the same purpose and who are making it. God bless you.


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