Passing Out 

We use this word to mean death or losing consciousness but it goes way beyond that.

I dealt with a lady who ‘blacked out’ – as I called it – anytime she hit fear because she was dealing with something way beyond her strength spiritually. In such a case, I could she passed out (sense 2) because she lost touch with this world though according to her, she could still feel and hear things going on around.

In my experience (did she pass it to me because I remember helping her out?), I think I’ve had a few passing out where sleep was uncontrollable. I would doze off but it doesn’t seem like mere dozing, where I would go into this world and be doing something different like I have an errand there. I call it my own form of ‘time travel’ because when I sleep, I’m awake in another world, doing something. Some may call it a dream but this is not like it, as the time spent there seem to be relative to this world’s. A few days seem like a few hours.

So this uncontrollable passing out happens because I’m fed up with life, like I want to give up my life because there’s nothing or no one to live for. I sleep and sleep and sleep and all I want to do is just sleep, hoping that I never wake up. Sadly, this is not always so for me because when I sleep, it’s like I’m fully awake elsewhere, in another world.

I’m just talking about this because I feel like sharing something with you, reader. In our saddest and hopeless moment when we want to give up, God gives us a reason to live. I don’t know if I should feel annoyed but the church and loved ones keep praying for me that I rise up, which is what has been keeping me awake but in another world.

If you’ve been having this experience too, I pray the Lord Jesus Christ come to your aid. All hope is not lost and whatever adventure you may be on or are having, know that God is with you.

However if it’s a medical condition like mine, being treated from schizophrenia with drugs, I pray you receive energy to rise up and be doing. God didn’t make you to lie down, He raised you from the dust to stand up and stand out. God bless you.


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