Sleeping In Your Dreams

Has this really really happened before, “you sleep and dream that you’re sleeping”. Anyway, far be it from you in reality. I’m talking about this “sleeping in your dreams” because one of my favorite artists, V. Rose, said, “sleep less and dream more”. As a blogger, I want to talk about this.

What does it mean, her words? Most of us have dreams whilst we’re asleep and some people for some reason which I do not want to mention here, sleep so they can have – more – dreams or visions. Isn’t that fantastic, the way God speaks to us?

Well, to dream more but sleep less in my opinion means we have to be up and doing, fulfilling our dreams and goals which we’ve set for ourselves instead of sleeping and dreaming like we’re in wonderland, with things always seeming charming in our dreams than in reality. Dreams and sleep are almost inseparable, you know, you feel cozy in one and hot in another.

Anyways, I oppose her view somehow because lately, I’ve been having some wonderful dreams which are so true to me in my life. But the motto is “sleep less and dream more”. We have to get that vision or dream working and not sleep around it. If you do not know, there are many people who depend on you in order to move forward and sleeping always doesn’t help much.

So, coming back to the topic, what does it mean to sleep in your dream(s)? Metaphorically, it’s just not doing anything. When you sleep in a dream you’ve had, you’re setting it up for failure because you’re virtually doing nothing about it. When you have a dream, you’re supposed to wake up and get to doing it or putting up that dream. Like God does when He gives you a vision, He brings you back to yourself, your senses or where you were, and then allows you to set the vision in motion for fulfillment. That’s how we’re supposed to live.

Dreams are not meant to be slept upon, they are meant to be lived out and that happens by praying always and setting your eyes on it, looking for ways to fulfill it (cp. Genesis 40:14). I could cite my own instance where I got to stand on the platform after so many years of preparing and waiting, and God using me mightily on that day.

When God gives us a dream, we’re not supposed to sleep on it, as if it is by sleeping that the dream or vision will be kept alive. We are supposed to act out but then wait for God’s timing. It’s at God’s perfect time the vision or dream can have or take full effect.

I hope you’ve learnt something from this message, God bless you.


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