Gods In Us

Have you ever had that feeling where you felt like you were this special person, like a god? I have sometimes, and I don’t know why I have that feeling but it seems to stem from – the praises of – people, their songs. In each and every one of us lies a god dormant. It is only upon rising that we realize the God in us.

In Acts 12:22-23, one king was eaten by worms after his speech because he exalted himself as God and not man. This happened at a time when the Gospel was so fresh and the power of God was strong in the region. The apostles had just been baptized by the Holy Ghost and the fire was so strong in them, they did not entertain certain ‘foolishness’.

Anyway, back to the question, “why do you think we have that feeling?” Aside the fact that we are gods but die like mere men, how many of us stand up as god. (Psalms 82:6-7) People who do so usually do not live long, because they raise themselves so high when they fall, they have no one to hold them up.

Of all those, the person who was caught by angels on his death was Jesus Christ. He was lifted so high to the Cross that when he fell i.e. died, angels guarded his body waiting for his comeback. Jesus proved himself to be a god and not just a god, but God the Son equal to the Father. That is what his humility got him, having made himself so low as a son of man (Philippians 2:5-11).

I don’t know whether to share this secret with you but men of God are somehow like gods. They are able to raise the dead, heal the sick, stop or redirect storms and do the impossible. Because God is with them, there is nothing almost impossible to them (cp. John 3:2). They receive praises as gods from people but then give God all the glory.

When you see true gods, there is nothing special about them. They do not look the part; those who raise themselves to be something usually are nothing. Usually we find them to be outdated, not learned, not so much in touch with this world and for some reason, always seem to be young wise men. Have you found one before? I have one in me, and he is so gorgeous.

Like the duo group ‘Mary Mary’ sang, “It’s the God in me”, so we have God deep down within us. The God Almighty is sitting right within us, taking His throne in our hearts and lives. God lives in the heavens though, we know that but He has chosen no other place to dwell in than our hearts. Like Jesus said, God will make His abode in us if we open up to Him (John 14:23; Revelation 3:20).

I didn’t come here to make you worship God, I came here to alert you of the god you are and the God that lives in you. That doesn’t mean you should go about proclaiming yourself as god, no. Rather, see the many people crying to God and who need help/justice, and then see what ways you can to help them. If there is any will of heaven anywhere, you could be and are that will, the one to bring restitution to the world (cp. John 6:39-40).

Perhaps through your sweat, blood, or toil, there will be a change in the world. With your voice, you can make a change. With your influence, you can bring about a difference. God didn’t put you in your position to be a spectator of the world, He put you there to save it. Speak up and let the god in you do the work. God be with you as you embark on this journey, on your newfound identity. Stay blessed.


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