The Art Of Lifting Spirits (Music)

It seems this is the way forward, how we can keep our spirits lifted throughout the day! Some have done well or tried in coming up with music to keep us singing, but the next step is making or causing us to sing and to sing and the song never leaving our lips until there is a new one released. For now, most songs are like “this will be the song of the day or week or month or year depending on how hard it hits us” but I think music goes beyond that.

The art of lifting spirits through music is releasing music that catches the attention of the spirit, words or lyrics that are captivating. Just like we captivate the heart through charm… just kidding. Just like we captivate the heart through visions i.e. through pictures or videos, so the spirit can be captivated through music, I strongly believe.

Unlike others, I still haven’t found the worship song that is able to catch me like it should. I funnily made a joke on Facebook that I’m waiting for the Holy Ghost to arrest me like He did to me after high school. But the truth is, after my hunger for the Lord was deepened back on university campus, I haven’t been able to find another level of worship that satisfies me, sadly. Hillsong and Hillsong-like songs seem to do the job but even with them/theirs, I’ve grown weary of their style somehow. I guess I’m too ‘demanding’ to be pleased.

So how do you lift up spirits? There are many things key here but I will share a few, the main ones.

  1. Lyrics is important, especially keeping it simple so it can easily be sung to and memorized. Most of the ‘most powerful’ songs have simple lyrics, they are not stuffed with too many words. So if you want your song to resonate that high in listeners, keep it simple
  2. Mind the instruments, background instrumentals inform the spirit how it should move. Playing or mixing up instruments that are not congruent makes a disgruntled spirit so you want to keep instrument incessant and uniformed. One thing I find annoying, my ears picks up almost all the instruments used in a song and if they are too many, it gets tired of picking them up. Perhaps if there are others like me, you want to keep the number of instruments you use in a song to minimal
  3. Create the hunger for suspense; you do not want to leave the spirit hanging for long, though some may love this. Keeping the spirit up by delaying the words whilst getting the drums played is good, it keeps the spirit in a delightful suspense
  4. Use/create a bridge if necessary; I find this increasingly becoming common though it is not so amusing to me but anyways, it helps blend the chorus and the verse. At least it gives it a smooth transition. I’m not saying don’t use a bridge, use it when the need arises
  5. Close the verse; I don’t know how they call this but you want to remind your audience of the key statement of the song. Repeating the main or important part of the song gives your listeners something to go home with, something they can remember when they go home

So, I hope I have touched on the main important things that make music uplifting. Uplifting songs are not only worship songs, they can R&B or pop or hip-hop and still be worthy of lifting up spirits. What I find appalling is that most songs are exciting; they excite, keep you high for a while, and don’t uplift. Maybe there may be different purposes of music but I’m talking about the art of lifting up spirits here. Uplifting songs are those well played out and whose lyrics mean a lot to the listener i.e. resonates in his spirits.

So to all the musicians out there, you can learn this art and use it in your music. If you ask me, I’m a fan of music but not so much of other genres. I’m just beginning to have different flavours in music beginning with folk, jazz, rock, pop and alternative genres. All the same, I’ve been a fan of these genres and others especially in the Gospel genres- gospel R&B, gospel reggae, gospel hip-hop, etc.

So these are my few thoughts on the art of music, how they can lift up spirits. God bless you.


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