Valentine (Verse)

Val, I call her like she’s my pal

If not for her, I would have no valentine

But Christ has her place in my heart right now

Val is my everything to me; she is many things to me

If you haven’t met her, this is the best description of her

  1. Veracious, full of grace and truth like Christ

Her words are gracious in the ears and redeem the soul

  1. Apothecary, her songs are like healing balms…

Which makes the listener sold out and healthy

  1. Loyalty perfects her, like I have not found any like her

She stays true to her words, and not only that, but to me also

  1. Earnestly she sings and dances to her words

She is a hearty person and she is lovely too

  1. Nifty she is in character and dressing

Her appearance before all is unique and clever

  1. Thoughtful, you can tell she is very considerate

She is careful about her words and means them when she says it

  1. Impeccable, the best words to describe her figure

Not only is she perfect, but perfect in loving too

  1. Novelty is her work and which she always strives for

She always comes up with a new style, something not heard before

  1. Elect, lastly she is special, a brand plucked from fire

Like she is the only daughter of her Father i.e. most beloved

So these are the few words to describe my valentine

If you find her, give her praise because she is priceless

Love to you my Valentine, greater love to you

Bless your heart, and bless my heart too


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