Fairy Tale Ending (Jesus’ Love)

Some people perceive the love story of the Bible to be a fairy tale but it’s more than that. This story is not just one that has a happy ending but is true, which we know that some parts of it has already been fulfilled. So in a bid, I want to narrate this fairy tale of Jesus’ love to his bride, humankind.


There was once this beautiful woman, who lived in the garden of God. She was so beautiful none could compare because there was none beside her. She lived in this garden with God, God always visiting her because she was human and couldn’t be at many places. They always conversed together and loved each other anytime God was around. She didn’t know God was preparing other earths (gardens) like the one she’s on, and so always waited patiently in the trees. Her heart panted for God’s, and she could do nothing without Him.

Sadly, all this bliss was to go away; the unexpected happened. There was this crooked serpent that came to destroy all that God has made for the woman. This serpent’s name was Lucifer, and like his name means, “look (who’s) fair!?” Lucifer thought himself to be beautiful than all the creation of God, even beyond that of the woman’s. He didn’t know the woman could be stripped of her glory (beauty) but then given another. So this woman became; she disobeyed God whom she loved, and was separated from Him. She lost touch with her God and lived a mean life.

The story unfolds that his woman and her children suffered a lot in the world, which God deserted them to. The world was unlike any other. It was cursed yet still bore fruit when you planted in it. She went through many things, and tried to find her way back to God but to no avail. God saw her deeds (attempts) and sought to reconcile with her. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, made the way to connect back to His beloved. By dying on the Cross and shedding his blood, the woman was restored back to purity.

Now she is and looks prettier than before. Now she is to be reunited with her husband but the problem is, all the children she’s gotten need to be reunited too with their father. This, Jesus is doing to bring back all her children to God and then, there will be the great marriage between the Son and his bride.

The story doesn’t end here. There will be a great show of the prowess of Jesus to the bride where he will fight and tear the beast of the earth and feed it to the fowls of the air. Then will the bride and bridegroom have true peace from their enemies and live happily ever after. This is the fairy tale ending of Jesus’ love story.

Please lemme know your view(s) to this story especially as it relates to the story of the Bible. God bless you.


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