Art Over Ego (Gospel Music)

Many times, I have seen this and it’s becoming unbearable for me. In trying to bring out gospel songs that inspire, we tend to promote our art over the ego, that is, the will to worship God our Creator. My motive here is to draw the attention of these musicians to it, and perhaps listeners even, if they could make a change.

I’m sure the artistes mean no harm to their audience but sometimes I think it’s mere ignorance; ignorance of the fact that these songs mislead listeners. I also think that these artistes in their best wills want to uplift their listeners. But like I said, in their bid to promote their art, which many or some may not agree, they are capsizing the charisma of the song. Perhaps examples will do, and I do not mean to undermine these singers; several others may be following suit.

Lecrae’s Far Away song seem to proclaim to me, God doesn’t exist. In his ‘verse’, “our God is not… (far away)” it seems to rather affirm what he’s trying to speak against. Now I do not have anything against Gospel rap or Lecrae, in fact I love it. So if I may ask, why stress on the “our God is not…” if you want your audience to know and believe that God is closer to them than they think? I think the song speaks for itself.

Now another song, which will shock you, is one in the mainstream gospel genre, “I just want to be with you”. I don’t know the title of the song but the lyrics go something like that. First it stresses on “I just want to be” before adding in the next repeated line “right where you are”. Without my instinct cap on, anybody who sings such words to God wants to tell God he wants to be left alone (for the moment or time being?) Again if you want to be where God is, why stress on wanting to be by yourself?

I hope I’m not the only one who’s realized this and if there is something going on, – as I suspected sometime before, like illuminati, – perhaps the musicians should let us know what they are into since we believers deserve to know in order to take a decision.

If they are not on an agenda to mislead Christians from the path, then they must let us know from the deepest part of their heart. Other than that, this is just mere oversight or overlooking of what I think is misleading. I do not want to talk about myself here although that may be a contributing factor to why I’m realizing these, being schizophrenic.

What I am saying is, these songs affect me so much because I’m moved by words. “If we’re not promoting our art over ego, what are we doing?” I would ask. This is what is common in the Gospel music industry and this is even because I listen to gospel music only. I don’t know about the other genres, what they do or are doing. I’m just a concerned citizen trying to be cautious and also to caution believers and Christians of the things they listen to.

If I’ve offended any artiste for mentioning their name or perhaps even bringing this out against the gospel music industry, I am sorry and beg for forgiveness, but then we must face the truth if what I’m saying is truth. God bless you.


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