Rest After Death?

Many have had the notion that there is more sleep after death and so work tirelessly without giving themselves a break. Well, is that true? Are they right in what they are thinking? Do we really rest/sleep in peace when we die? Why do we even put that signpost on our graves?

In almost all the religions I know, there is some form of work or journey after death, that one passes from this world to the next and involves a journey. In our traditional religion, some believe in the journey to the place of the spirits where life continues.

In Christianity, this is no different. When we die, angels take our bodies to Paradise if we’re righteous or we end up in hell if we were wicked. Refer to Luke 16:22-23. At least this tells us there are two places we go to or end up when we die away from this earth. Either way, the end of life here is not the end of life, it is just the beginning of another life.

For Jesus Christ, the Son of God, he was seated or lifted up on God’s right hand after his brief work on earth here (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus didn’t just rest after working so hard for three years on earth, he is sitting in heaven pleading for the sins of men. At least Hebrews 7:25 tells us so. Jesus is in heaven still interceding for the souls of men, his blood pleading for forgiveness for our sins and for mercy; it’s how grace meets us (cp. John 1:14).

So do we really rest when we die? From the testimonies of some, – which I do not believe those people anyway[i], – they are taken to either heaven or hell and experience the things there, and are sent back to earth to testify to unbelievers.

I believe the signpost put on graves is a farewell message to the dead. After having worked so hard here, farewell to the place you’re going. If somebody wronged you on earth here and probably is the cause of your death, may you rest in peace well and not seek revenge.

I just want to tell you if you think you are going to rest for a long time when you die, you are only deceiving yourself. Right from here after your death, right after your last breath on earth here, you transition into another world where you go either to two places- heaven or hell. There is no lapse in time between this world and the next; they fade into each other.

Since this life or time is short compared to the one we would be spending in eternity, we should rather plan how/where lives goes. As for the things that go on in either places, I believe you already know. God bless you.


[i] I don’t think Luke 16:27-31 refers to the resurrection from the dead as it is happening so commonly now. Moses and the prophets refers to the Bible being preached and not necessarily they rising from the dead. I see these late phenomenon as a scam to deceive many, and if possible elects too.


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