This is something you’ve probably heard several times but I still want to talk about it. You’ve probably heard in a sermon or preaching that you should not swear because you can’t make anything in this world. That kind of gives you the excuse to swear by things made by yourself or by man but I wouldn’t advise it.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of swearing in Gospel songs and if we do not check it, soon, there will be myriads of people swearing here and there because it is in Gospel songs. Is it good or lawful to swear? Under what circumstances should or can one swear? Lemme make it plain that I am not talking about swearing into offices, that is out of the question here.

From Jesus’ own mouth, it is better to not swear at all because we didn’t make anything in this world. He then goes on to say, “if you’re tempted to swear, just let your words be yes-yes or no-no, anything more than that has an evil root”.

In this world where we cannot give one straightforward answer, – I also do the same sometimes, – it is better using affirmative and negative sentences. Some have the habit of saying or using ‘a yes and a no’ answer or slightly in between, which just is off.

How I understand Jesus’ words is this. In case you are asked “did you steal that thing?” for example, you don’t have to swear and say “I swear I didn’t take it!” Instead, just say, “No, I didn’t take it” or “yes, I took it”. It is much simpler and affirms your actions rather than the swearing thing, which just makes you untrustworthy. To tell you the truth, swearing no longer has value because people swear on the Bible when they are lying and lie when they swear so it doesn’t do much good swearing, not even when your life is being threatened.

So would you swear, and if you would, under what circumstances? It is apt to know that swearing doesn’t make us real or our words any truer, it just dilutes and falsifies our claims. Is it ok to swear in a gospel song? I don’t think so because you’re reaching the masses and your song has a lot of influence on listeners, if not yourself also.

If you are asking, swearing comes as a temptation to me, something which I don’t and mustn’t indulge myself in. it is something not on my lips because it is out of my reach. Just like cuss words, swearing is much common and on your lips always when you are always hearing it on TV or radio or in a neighbourhood that uses it a lot. If you find yourself in any of these situations, it would be better tuning your mind to something more productive and healthy than swearing.

This is just by way of sharing with you on swearing and also letting you know my view. I always stand by the – words of the – Bible and pledge my allegiance to it, even when it goes against me or hurts my friends. God bless you.


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