Vault (Verse)

1 Vault, graciously I’ve found a new word for V

She is my safe room where I’m free from all

All viruses, all thieves, and hookers in life

V keeps me safe all in all to say

And makes me want nothing

Because she has my valuables


2 Vault, like her name, so is her shape

She is an arched roof covering me

And shielding me in the Church

She is a church to me, where I run to

And I’m safe, or saved, and liberated

V is my vault, my only safe haven


3 Vault has my wine and money

She has all my valuables too

Like the bank or wine store

So she has everything I own

And gives them to me as…

And when the time is due


4 Vault lifts me beyond the skies/heaven, poetically

Because actually, that is where I am and belong

A child of God, a child of light, and she’s the same

Like the wind of heaven, she sweeps me up

And waves me in the sea of it till I’m drunk

V is like the sky lit up between the heavens


Note to V: I see what you’re doing


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