From Jerusalem To Jericho

This is about the parable of a man who was robbed and mobbed to almost death. We all probably know this parable in Luke 10:30-37, but I want to take it in a different direction. We all know how dangerous it is to travel, not only to places but travelling as in itself. With flights becoming sturdily unreliable because of accidents, travelling can take a toll when you want to.

So this man who Jesus speaks of was robbed, mobbed, and left to die. Had it not been for a good Samaritan who came to his aid, he would have died. Those who had a relationship with him or were affiliated to him somewhat did not mind him, they just passed by when they saw him. What could possibly have made them do that? Was it for their own security or fear that they would be ambushed?

That is how travelling is sometimes. When you are robbed on the way or stopped at gunpoint, it is difficult receiving help from strangers even though they may have something in common. Comparing this parable to that of the prodigal son, it is quite logical to say this man left his – father’s – home to go and settle on his own, since the two parables have a lot in common.

When you are not used to a place or known in a certain place, you could be treated as hostile, even as a threat. This man did not even reach his destination; he was stopped along the way between Jerusalem and Jericho.

Most times when you’re travelling to some place, they ask you “do you know anybody in that place?” It is very important since this world is still as dangerous as it was thousands of years ago. When the children of Israel were passing through the land of Edom, they were not allowed but when they made their way around the city, they were attacked to add to it (Numbers 20).

Are you thinking of moving to a new place, perhaps you should consider the place you are moving to. How free is it? Can you move around easily, especially at night (in case you are late)? How are travel routes, even footpaths? How are the people like? Are they welcoming, friendly? These are some questions to ask when moving and if you know someone in the area, it is an added advantage; they could debrief you on what and what not to do.

We all move from places to places, from house to work or school, or other. Usually we move along with friends or in families but the point is we never move alone. What if there is trouble, or danger ahead, who would come to our rescue? Like the parable, there are few good Samaritans, one in three or out of every three. I pray you will be one.

I only came to caution you of the dangers in travelling and what you must do. The more I read or hear about wars, the more it tells me the world is not as safe as it is even though some places are safer i.e. liberal. I pray God keeps you out of trouble in your going out and coming in. God bless you.


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