The Woman: Made

You probably may have heard this several times but let me throw light on it one more time. We say, “The woman was made and not created; the man rather was created”.  What’s the difference anyway? The answer we commonly give is, to create is to form from nothing and to make is to produce... Continue Reading →


We say that life is full of ups and downs but I think that it is only filled with ups; some are just higher than others. #Romans_8_28

Nothing For Love (Review)

In one post, I talked about how our love towards God is nothing compared to His towards us. When we were minding our own selves and were in sins, God loved us and died for us. In this piece, I want to do a review on V. Rose’s song “Nothing For Love” from the album... Continue Reading →

The Garden Of Eden Parody

This is not a true parody but an idea I want to cast. From childhood, I believed the story of the Garden of Eden with my whole heart but now I read meanings into it. What if the Garden of Eden was not as paradisiac as we’ve thought but an emblem of what the world... Continue Reading →

The Light Of Life

If you’ve ever woken up and the whole world was dark, you would appreciate blindness very well. Anyone who has light sees because everything is manifest before his eyes. Anyone who walks in darkness does not see because everything is darkened. Jesus is the light of life. In John 8:12, Jesus let us know that... Continue Reading →

The Beloved Son

We all long for that child who looks just like us and has our character. If you have one child and it happens to be male, you are most blessed especially if you’re the father. There is no greater joy than that for a father. In Matthew 17:5, God the Father reveals His Son to... Continue Reading →

Seeking God’s Kingdom

I believe there are many people who desire certain things which if they do not obtain, they feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled. Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we all have a need to meet. Did you know that you’re not the only one with a need that hasn’t been met? To tell you the truth, there... Continue Reading →

Parallel Christs

I titled this note parallel Christs because in Matthew 24:24, many of them shall rise in the last days. Already, we see them on TVs and hear of them on radio stations. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they... Continue Reading →

Creating People

It is amazing to know that within a person, there is a person within that person. As funny as it is, sometimes when people talk to me I ask, “Are you talking to me or the one in me?” Everybody has a certain persona, and it is that persona that defines him- his spirit, his... Continue Reading →

The Words Of King Lemuel

These are the words (thoughts) of king Lemuel, whom most deem to be king Solomon, the wisest king ever. These are the words that ran through his mouth from his mother, from what his mother taught him. I have broken them into the subjects addressed. Women It is not that women are bad or promiscuous... Continue Reading →

Virtuoso (Verse)

V, she performs like a virtuoso She has remarkable artistic skills As I always hear in her songs She is a great performer and not only that She has great music too Here are a bit of her virtuosity   1 Send Me A Boyfriend;- A woman so strong in faith She prays for a... Continue Reading →

Virtue (Verse)

1 Virtue, a quality morally good as she herself V has many virtues, and one of them is honesty Truthfulness, and possesses a moral compass She is good, and truthful, honest and moral   2 Virtue, an admirable quality as hers So much so that sometimes I wonder “Who is she really? What is she... Continue Reading →

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