The Words Of King Lemuel

These are the words (thoughts) of king Lemuel, whom most deem to be king Solomon, the wisest king ever. These are the words that ran through his mouth from his mother, from what his mother taught him. I have broken them into the subjects addressed.


It is not that women are bad or promiscuous but sometimes they can be misleading. In certain cultures, women are worshipped in relation to fertility or love and that alone certifies the tendency, which women are accustomed to. Everywhere, men are discouraged from following after women or girls because they are very destructive, not that the women are destructive but that following such lusts can be destructive to the man himself and not the woman. So, the best advice a man can get from a woman is to not chase after her or other women.


Like we know it, women and alcoholism go together. Whenever we address the topic of sex with women, alcohol is intended too. Like the words of the king, alcohol or wine are for those ready to perish or those with troubles. But I find that this is not the case presently. People booze when they are happy, when they are celebrating for joy that sometimes I ask myself “what is their problem?” Anyways, wine or alcohol are for the perverse and this is not surprising considering how people abuse it.


Lastly, it is in the dictate of kings to judge people’s cause(s), and also those who rule or live as kings. People with authority are to use their influence to plead the cause of the dumb, those who cannot speak for themselves i.e. they are to be a voice for the voiceless. And they are to do this with righteousness, not exacting or extorting anything in return.


You know, I deem that kings make great speeches. Anytime I hear one rich man or person of renown speak, they say things that resonate with the ears, things you would want to hear again and again. The words of king Lemuel show us that to be a good leader or great leader, you have to have these qualities in you.

You have to shun women or at least, not be a lover of them i.e. not flirt with them. You have to avoid alcohol at all cost lest you say something that goes against someone and which could be used against you. You know, alcohol has a way of bypassing the brain and letting out all the things that are in your head. And lastly, you have to have good judgment and if you are an avoider of the first two, you have no problem at all. God bless you.



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