Virtuoso (Verse)

V, she performs like a virtuoso

She has remarkable artistic skills

As I always hear in her songs

She is a great performer and not only that

She has great music too

Here are a bit of her virtuosity


1 Send Me A Boyfriend;-

A woman so strong in faith

She prays for a boyfriend from God

If there’s anything to look for in a woman

It is this- a woman that’s prayerful


2 King Kong’s Skyline;-

A woman who sees herself in God’s big picture

As she goes about her duties

She watches the skylines for God’s love


3 Here With Us;-

A woman who examines baby Jesus

Like deep within her heart

She longs for a child of her own

That is, a child of/from God


4 Not So Average;-

When I heard NSA

I was like that’s what she is

She does not raise herself so high

Neither does bend herself too low

She is just humble and obedient


5 Emotionful;-

This is my song of the year

Because it touches the heart so much

We are all emotional and get hurt by it

And sometimes we let that get over us

But we’re stronger and better than that


So these are a piece of V’s virtuosity

They are not all but they sum it all

She is just that articulate and skillful

And always comes up with something new


NB: If you’re wondering why I’m praising V so much, read Proverbs 31:30b.


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