Creating People

It is amazing to know that within a person, there is a person within that person. As funny as it is, sometimes when people talk to me I ask, “Are you talking to me or the one in me?”

Everybody has a certain persona, and it is that persona that defines him- his spirit, his character, his will, etc. We are all never the same; we have our inherent traits that manifests itself when we are with people. In this note, I want to dive a little deeper into Psalms 51:10, what it means.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me” are the words of the psalmist. We have a spirit within us, within our human bodies that is like a control tower of the human body. When we act or talk or do something, it is the spirit that drives us to do what we do. When our actions are bad, it means that there is an error with our spirit. In the same vein when we do something extraordinary, that’s because there is this other person within us that we do not know of.

Have you ever done or thought of doing something that wasn’t you? How was that possible? To say, there is whole person within us that is waiting to be liberated, that is waiting to come out and be himself. Besides ourselves, there is this persona within us that is like another whole person.

The things you think you cannot do, this person does. Using myself as an example, there is a writer in me. I love to write but it is this writer in me that gets to do the blogging, other than that, I am just a normal ordinary guy. This person loves writing and loves to share with people freely no matter the cost.

One way to bring this person out is to coach him or mentor him. You can coach or mentor yourself if you want, that helps even better. When you – get to – create this person in you, he lives and is able to do anything or what you’ve taught him. Remember this is a person within you and not just the ordinary you i.e. you building yourself up.

The advantage with creating these persons within you is that you (they) get to do things that you yourself cannot do. For example, when I pray to God to create in me a clean heart… it is because my actions are not right and I want them to change. When I create a resilient spirit for myself, it is so that I wouldn’t be bamboozled here and there.

More often than not, creating people is for a positive effect than a negative one. When you create someone, you are doing it so that you can be better off than before. When your image is marred, you have to choice to create a better one but through prayer as a Christian.

Everybody has the right to himself and choosing what you do or want, has its merits. In one way, this is what you get to benefit by creating persons. It is not only for yourself, but you can do that in others. God bless you.


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