The Light Of Life

If you’ve ever woken up and the whole world was dark, you would appreciate blindness very well. Anyone who has light sees because everything is manifest before his eyes. Anyone who walks in darkness does not see because everything is darkened.

Jesus is the light of life. In John 8:12, Jesus let us know that he is that light that lit the world when God was creating the world. Without him, everything is in darkness. Have you ever walked this earth and never known anything, like ‘nothing’ until you heard of or read this piece and all of a sudden, a dawn of light shone on you.

That is how Jesus is. Anyone who does not know him is in a certain darkness until they hear the Gospel. The Gospel sheds light on your eyes and helps you to see the truth. In John 1:4, the life we receive from Jesus when we are born again is our light. It is in this newness of life we walk in, that we receive the light. Jesus has life as the Father has life also.

When we read about Jesus and the things he did, when we hear him preached, we receive the light of life. We are changed by the words of God as it is preached and our lives are never the same. When we have faith, when we are baptized, when we have communion with God, all these engender the life that is in the Light. Jesus is the Light and is Light, as we would see in the new heaven and earth (Revelation 21:23).

I just thought of sharing with you the light of life. If you don’t have this light of life, I pray you receive him. God bless you.


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