The Garden Of Eden Parody

This is not a true parody but an idea I want to cast. From childhood, I believed the story of the Garden of Eden with my whole heart but now I read meanings into it. What if the Garden of Eden was not as paradisiac as we’ve thought but an emblem of what the world was like with the first humans.

The Garden of Eden teaches us that the world was like paradise at its first instance. When the first man was introduced to this world (I have my reservations), it was like they were living in paradise on site. But after time, after man became civilized and started using its natural resources, the earth’s glory diminished and became like deserts.

As a building technologist, I’ve always been lamenting about how man destroys natural habitats. When we think we are building, we are actually destroying in order to build. We do not leave the habitat as is for animals but only think about putting up houses for ourselves. Everywhere man steps, he destroys its natural vegetation. This is what has been going on for as long as the age of the world is and now we’re left in this deplorable state.

In order to keep this world as it is, as God made it, God tells man to till the ground because the earth cannot replenish itself at the rate at which man is reaping from it. When God was driving mankind from paradise, he wanted him to learn how to sow and replenish the earth, how to be productive so he can turn the earth into a useful place. He didn’t want it destroyed, like as Adam was chilling in the Garden of Eden.

This is the parody I want to share with you “The Garden of Eden as compared to the earth was like paradise and so the author made it so. Think of it, if Adam had stayed long in the Garden, would it have been as it is? I don’t think so, but then God was its Gardener so everything was intact. We will not always have this world our way, so long as we are here. This is what our forefathers had in mind and therefore tilled the ground always. It wasn’t necessarily because they were driven out of the Garden but that they will not have this world as a garden forever and so they had/have to create one for themselves”. If you doubt me, read Genesis 9:20.

I hope you’ve learnt something from the parody. If you’re a destroyer of God’s habitat, perhaps you should think where you are going to live when this place is destroyed. God bless you.


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