Nothing For Love (Review)

In one post, I talked about how our love towards God is nothing compared to His towards us. When we were minding our own selves and were in sins, God loved us and died for us. In this piece, I want to do a review on V. Rose’s song “Nothing For Love” from the album “Forever After”.

Ever been in a relationship where it felt like you were left out, like you weren’t part of it? What about been in relationships where you felt odd? I’ve been there before and to tell you, it is not any nice experience. How about been in a relationship where you are placed second? Most women do not like that and can be bogged down by it.

But being in a relationship with God is not like that, we come first in His life and that, we are also all-too important for Him in His kingdom. Refer to Psalms 8:4 and John 3:16. When we compare our love with God’s infinite love, ours is minute. It is from Him that we are able to love the way we do.

V. Rose’s song seems to talk about acceptance, being accepted by friends and loved ones, the greatest of them being (a boy/girl friend?), perhaps God. This is because in spite of all the things that may be wrong in/with us, boy/girlfriends overlook that and love us all the same. in human life, one of the greatest struggles is the fight for acceptance; we see this in cliques everywhere.

In the course to find this acceptance, – and which America ‘stands for’ the most, – you have no choice than to go with the flow, with what friends like. This is by joining a group and for us Christians, a church, in order to feel welcomed. It is in these clubs or groups that we are able to share our common beliefs and interests, amongst others.

There’s a barrier to being likable which when you cross, there is no pleasing of people yet they still love you. Some people don’t need to be any nicer yet are still loved and hailed as celebrities. For others like us who have to work in order to be cherished, we have to be careful even how we come across to people. This barrier is not applicable to all but stands out with most people i.e. you have to do something in order to merit their love.

Like V. Rose, all who are in need of love should come to God for a daily dose of it in His word (the Bible) and also from Christians in the church. You don’t need to do anything to merit God’s love, He loves you just the way you are. If the church or any Christian is discriminating, he or she doesn’t know Jesus Christ properly because Christ came to save all. It should be nothing for love in relationships; love shouldn’t be merited but given freely because we all receive God’s love unconditionally (Matthew 5:45). God bless you.


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