The Woman: Made

You probably may have heard this several times but let me throw light on it one more time. We say, “The woman was made and not created; the man rather was created”.  What’s the difference anyway? The answer we commonly give is, to create is to form from nothing and to make is to produce from something already existing.

But did you know that the man was made from two components? God’s Spirit, which is the breath of life and dust (sand)? So we could also say the man was made but not technically. The man was created then the woman made.

Scientists seem to argue that the man rather came from the woman and they have some points for it. However, as we’ve always known, the supremacy of the man over the woman cannot be denied after ages. The man came first before the woman; the woman came out of the man and not vice versa as 1 Timothy 2:13 records.

The many similarities between the man and the woman – with the exception of private organs – is God’s careful design and should not misconstrued as something other. When the man was made, he was not alone, he had the woman or feminine feature in him and this could be the science of our forefathers.

It was God who divided or separated them into male and female just like the other animals (Genesis 2:20). Remember or note that God the Father did not have any wife in order to beget His Son, which means Adam or man in his early generations was more like God (cp. Genesis 1:27).

So, why do I say that the woman was made. In Genesis 2, the woman is meant for the man purposely. Without him, she is nothing much. In today’s world, many women strive to be somebody but then some honestly confess that they couldn’t have done it without the support of men. But this is not what I want to talk about.

With the physique of the woman, every bit of it is to please the man but this is what some protest to be exploitation of women. The woman wasn’t given her rounded features for nothing!? When you consider her intelligence, wisdom, prudence, and emotions, these supply the need where the man is insufficient. Seriously, it is not good for men to be alone. It is in the presence of women men become more committed or responsible; women have what it takes for men to be their best.

There are many things to say about the woman but this is it. Without the woman, man will be stranded in life; they need and feed into each other. God bless you.


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