Marriage Traditions

One of the demises of progress or development is traditions; great kingdoms have been brought down by it. There cannot be any significant change in this world if we stick to traditions. Like they say, “the only thing that is constant in this world is change”. One principle that rules against this constant is marriage traditions.

I believe you may know several traditions that are killing marriages and people’s love lives. Personally, I am not a fan of traditions. Because of traditions, some are not able to marry and because of traditions, some marriages are in divorced state. It’s like the traditions we have put in place are preventing some people from moving into this glorious union.

In the Christian circle, marriages are born when a man is, in all spheres, ready to settle on his own (Genesis 2:24). As to how it is done in the church, those are just the inventions of men based on some scriptures. The Jews have their tradition, the church’s tradition differs slightly from each other, and some of our familial traditions are from personal reasons. It is in this respect I want to consider Genesis 29:26,

And Laban said, It must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the firstborn.

Does it really matter, that the firstborn go first? If we consider Genesis 2:24 as I explained earlier, you would realize that marriage or marrying has nothing to do with age or who was born first. It’s like that system in families where if the elder child is not able to progress in his/her education, the others are made to stay behind. That is a retrogressive tradition, which doesn’t bring any good to the family or society at large.

There are many other such traditions floating in the system, especially in marriages. I cannot mention them all but the question we must ask ourselves is, “What’s the significance of this tradition? Does it help or impede marriage?” Some of the marriage traditions are also just superstitions, which lack value and can be adapted.

This is by way of advising or alerting you on the dangers of marriage traditions but especially traditions- traditions are great killers of innovation. God bless you.


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