Save Thyself

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t save it? Everything went bad and you were the only one capable of saving the situation or at least, people looked up to you to save the situation but all your efforts didn’t help. How humiliating it must have been! Like they say, “some things are beyond saving”.

Jesus came to the place where he either had to do two things- save himself or save the world. The rulers and scribes cried at him, “he saved others but he cannot save himself”. Even the two thieves who were with him on the cross said the same thing, “save yourself and save us”. They believed so much in him (Jesus Christ) that they were looking for their physical salvation.

Little did these know that Christ had a better plan for us all. He couldn’t have saved himself if he wanted to save others i.e. the whole world and he couldn’t have saved the whole world had he saved himself. So the best thing was to ‘save’ the situation, which is why all the four Gospels record on the crucifixion of Christ.

It was so spectacular the whole world had to see it, how the Son of God dies who went about saving people’s lives from damnation. Little did they know – and like he said – he had to be buried in the ground in order to come out with many others like himself. Just as you sow a grain of corn and get dozens, so Jesus’ death and resurrection brought about the salvation of many, even – that of – the whole world.

To feel that you are beyond saving is far from the truth. Lemme tell you a little secret, I’ve been there. When I was down and I still think I am down, people shouted at me to get up. It’s like their telling you to get up keeps you down for good. But like the apostle said, whoever abases himself shall be exalted by God… You don’t need to be up in order for people to see how tall you are standing; you just need to be down for people to see how high you can raise them to. Going from the top to bottom, you have to start from the bottom though you are at the top too (V. Rose).

From this day forward, I pray any situation bringing you down to be lifted off in the name of Jesus. Any situation trying to humiliate you, I pray that situation save itself from harm because of you. You will not only save situations but you will save yourself in Jesus’ name. God bless you.


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